In the bright afternoon sun, children sit mesmerized as the storyteller spins a tale with the skill of a spider spinning a web. “Jack ran as fast as he could when suddenly… ”. It is as if the whole crowd is sitting six inches off their seats waiting to hear what happens next.

Come and see Jim LaChapelle the Storyteller. He’s been telling stories for over a dozen years to young and old alike. Stories are meant to be told and this guy can sure tell them and tell them he does.

Jim specializes in folk and fairy tales from around the world. Journey with Jim from East Asia, to the Philippines, Africa, and back to North America. Jim tells tales appropriate from age 2 (The Name of the Tree) through to adulthood (The Heartless Giant) and will tailor his program to the needs of his audience.

venues and occasions

Jim is available for parties and events including: birthday parties, fundraisers, libraries, classrooms, public and private functions and any other event you can think of!

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